Thousands of villagers Sudaji spill extremes in front of the Pura Bale Agung to follow and control the way the ritual Bukakak, Monday 10 July 2017.Citizens believe, this very maintain taksu traditions and values of an agricultural village in the village of Sudaji.

This tradition has been walking down the generations and without never stopped. This as stated thanks citizen of tani local villages on the gift of the harvest of agriculture and plantation flowing during this.
Sudaji village is one of the village elders who still maintain an agricultural values from the past. This Bukakak process has been ongoing since the afternoon, which started from ritua and persembahyangan in Pura Bale Agung Sudaji Village.
Bukakak weighs approximately one kwintal. In addition bukakak, there is also called the tumpeng or gunungan offered in the ritual.

One of the village leaders Sudaji, Gede Suharsana says there are two types of Bukakak offered the Bukakak alit and Bukakaka ageng. When paraded, both bukakak met in the crossroad, the center of the village.
A number of young people from the local village by using special garments Bali, kamben and headbands propels the two bukakak. while thousands of civilians in the street without a sense of misgiving still control the procession of.

Source: Koran Buleleng